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Detroit Bully Corps is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity dedicated to helping and advocating for abused, neglected and homeless dogs through education, adoption, rehabilitation and training. We advocate for Bully Breeds, especially the American Pit Bull Terrier and any strain of the Molosser category of canine. We are located in metro Detroit, Michigan.

Turkeys (frozen)

Boxes of stuffing
Canned veggies
Cranberry sauce
Dinner rolls
Jars of gravy
Boxes of mashed potatoes
Canned yams/sweet potatoes
Bottled water/juice
Dessert (cakes, pies)
Laundry baskets
Dog/cat treats

All non-perishable foods are welcome!

Help us help those who are less fortunate.
Saturday, Nov 21: Deadline to drop off donations
Sunday, Nov 22: Build and distribute baskets to families in Detroit